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wikiHow to Sharpen Scissors

I love a good Wiki. And both of my sewing scissors are now blunt plus have burrs, so nothing to lose trying out these ideas.

Tried & Tested: Hanging Art with Soda Pop Tabs

How do people think of these things?

{Office Clip + Phone Charger}

This is just blarrrdy brilliant!

Geocities Archives

Blarrrrrrrrdy brilliant! I was all over Geocities when it existed and now someone has nicely archived not all of the groups but a lot. Go browsing but be warned, you may be lost in there for weeks.

Gravestone Photographic Resource

Make your own mouse poison

"equal measure of bi carb sugar and flour they look for water which makes them swell and cos mice cant fart to expel the gases they die and it is also safe for dogs and cats if they get the mice as they can fart"

Bi-carb makes me fart excessively so I shudder what to think it would do to a mouse. Worth a try just to see if they explode.


Make any web page print friendly

make any web page print friendly


The Rasterbator

Turns your images into wall art