The Minion Stuff Free Knit Patterns

There was more but I figured that I had enough to keep the Minion grandchildren happy. Yep that’s their name in real life. Before the movies, no one could spell it. We’d have to throw the word “evil” in front of it to give them a clue. Now they just say…… the movie.

So anyway, at least we got a huge range of clothing and accessory options to match the family tree from it all. And lots of free knitting patterns 🙂

Despicable Me Minion Toy One and Two Eyed

Free knit pattern minion doll








Minion Hats

free knit pattern minion hat

free pattern minion beanie








Minion Iphone and Ipad cover

Free knit pattern minion ipad cover

Free knit pattern iphone cover











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