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Norwegian Teddy Bear sweater

free knitting pattern for Norwegian Teddy Bear sweater

Cats In Hats - Dinosaur

free pattern knitted cat hat dinoasuar

The Tweed Owl

free pattern knitted owl


Knitted Hot Cross Bun

free pattern knitted hot cross bun


Jean Greenhowe's Tea Party Treats 1

Free pattern knitted party treats

Jean Greenhowe's Mini Christmas Stockings

Jean Greenhowe gorgeous free knit patterns for mini christmas stockings


Free Knitting Pattern! Play Kitchen Potholders

free pattern for knitted pot holders for a toy kitchen

Snow Princess Trick or Treat Bag

free knitting pattern elsa bag




Toy Guinea Pigs


Henry's Rabbit

free rabbit knit pattern


Father Christmas Brooch

I've got no images for these ones as they're embedded in a PDF. I could fiddle to get one but meh, who can be bothered? Anyway it says brooch but they'd look gorgeous as tree decorations too.

Snuggle Triangles

What a brilliant idea! You make 2. One is in with the prem baby and the other goes with the parent. Then they're swapped over so the one that smells like the parent is put in with the baby. So simple but so smart!

Modern police constable

Jean Greenhowe's Tea Party Treats 2

Free knitting pattern tea party treats

Jean Greenhowe's Rainbow Babies

Free knit pattern for Jean Greenhowe's rainbow babies

Spring Robin

free knit pattern bird, babies and nest

Nawww we need some eggs too.

Teeny Penguin

Tiny penguin plush free knitting pattern