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Grumpybum monster longies - pattern

free knit pattern grumpy bum monster pants


Girls Fair Isle Tunic

free pattern girls fair isle tunic

The Llama Hat!

knitted llama hat

Also putting these here for later on. are brilliant! Although I did go in looking for a baby jacket that I knitted from one of their patterns and it was gone. So download the patterns and don't rely on them being there in a few months time. If you do lose the patterns though you can usually find them listed somewhere else with a Google search.


The knitted Cabbage Patch Kid hats.

knitted cabbage patch kids hats


free pattern knitted felted mouse slippers

Twist-Four Mock Cable Stitch Hat

free knit pattern cable hat

Baby Boat Neck Sweater and Sun Hat

free knit pattern girls boat neck sweater and hat

Beastie Beanies

free knit pattern turtle elephant crab beanie


Shaun the Sheep scarf and mitts.

knitted shaun the sheep mittens and scarf



How to Knit Children's Slippers

free pattern knitted kids slippers