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Bendy's Christmas Booties

Christmas Ball Ornament Knitting Pattern

Two Strands Christmas Ball

Knit Star Ornaments

I really wanted a good puffy star knitting pattern. This free one is the best of all that I've seen so far.

Bright Knit Hats and Mittens Holiday Decorations

Christmas Bell Pin Or Ornament Knitting Pattern

Christmas Pudding Baby Hat

Jingle Bell

Little Shoe Christmas Ornament Knitting Pattern

Free shoe knitting pattern for a Christmas ornament. I have no idea what it has to do with Christmas but it's just adorable.

Santa Ornament Knitting Pattern

Six Pointed Star Christmas Ornament Knitting Pattern

Furry Fairies Free!

Christmas Tree Knitting Chart

Free knitting graph for a Christmas Tree. No idea what I'll use it for but it's handy to have.

Elf Shoe Table Leg Cover

Christmas Stocking Ornament Knitting Pattern

Folksy Tree Trims Pattern

Knitting Snowman Free Pattern

Star of Bethlehem Christmas Ball

Holly Ball

Christmas Puddings

Quick n easy christmas tree decoration

Christmas Sock Ornament Knitting Pattern

Knit Mitten Ornaments

Miniature Hats Christmas Ornaments

Mitten Christmas Ornament Knitting Pattern

Jean Greenhowe's Mini Christmas Stockings

Father Christmas Brooch

I've got no images for these ones as they're embedded in a PDF. I could fiddle to get one but meh, who can be bothered? Anyway it says brooch but they'd look gorgeous as tree decorations too.

Santa's Mug Cozy

Simple Sweater Mug Cozy

Giant Stationary Mug