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Fairy playdough recipe

fairy play dough

This one I've made quite a few times. Gorgeous stuff.

25 Water Play Activities for Kids in the Backyard

25 water play activities for kids

Worth checking out.

Ideas I've stolen from

The Buggy and Buddy site

Easiest Ever 5 Minute Microwave Homemade Playdough!

Seriously good play dough recipe and soooo easy.


Easy 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough – Ready in 5 minutes!

2 ingredient cloud dough

I've made cloud dough before (the wonderful day where the grandkids played with it at the kitchen table and had a throw it at each other and on the floor moment while I was out of the room, turning the floor into extreme slipperiness) but not this one. Looks very simple.

15 Wonderful Activities You Can Do With Your Kids That Will Make You The Coolest Parent Ever

Great ideas for kids activities

Some smart and cheap ideas to keep kids entertained.

DIY Bath Paint!

do it yourself bath paint

It seems like a good idea but I'm not so sure that the colours won't stain.

Splash bombs (reusable water balloons)

foam re-usable water balloons

This is very smart. Actually the whole blog is lovely and full of inspiration.