Getting there

Slowly working my way through editing the web pages. Adsense is either going mad or not showing up at all so that’s useful when I’m trying to make money off it 🙂 Truly regretting being too lazy to set up style sheets, but then have to resize all images to fit into new tables so probably wouldn’t have made much difference.

So far I’ve reached almost the end of the crochet pages, working alphabetically. Hmm sort of missing the auto spell check on Facebook when typing lol. Sadly still haven’t put effort into learning how to crochet more than granny squares, and still don’t start those off the right way either. Working through the crochet pages I’m rediscovering things like the simple Christmas tree ornament thinking ooo I could do that. But nope, have to finish knitting a beanie for the grandson first.

Taking a week off from Facebook to get stuff done as I waste way too much time on there. Had a (rumoured) murder happen around the corner and banned people from discussing these sorts of things on the BSS local group that I run. Got accused of putting the post up to boost my ego and seek validation. The accuser knows me and never has it been said that I am lacking in ego or seeking validation, because honestly, I think others are wrong and I’m fine so no need to seek approval lol. I did do it in a fit of temper though after watching so many locals writing horrible stuff that the family was seeing. Probably shouldn’t have done that. Time to step away and think things through now. Including why I need to be admin of over a hundred BSS groups that I accumulated while selling online. Which I don’t do now so why am I wasting so much time on groups???? Because I get into a routine and keep going after the fact.

So anyway, website will be finished, just not in the next few days. And then I’ll add so much more as my bookmarks list is huge and this old computer is close to dying, which means I’ll lose them all.

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