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Free knits for dolls

Doll Makers Labels, Marks, Symbols Images Menu

Measurements for:

36cm Hong Kong Doll

44cm Baby Alive Doll

Baby Born 1991

Berenguer 34cm

Camay Doll No. 7011

19 inch Chou Chou

Cabbage Patch Kid 1978 1982

Mattel Dancerella

Evergreen 1200 Doll

Hornby Hush A Bye

Magic Nursery Doll 1989

Mattel Baby Come Back

QEN Crying Doll 1990's?

Regal 24 inch Walking Doll

Talk To Me Tiffany FS327

Uneeda Talking Doll © 1999


Doll Clothing Buying Guide: Will it fit?

Rather useful list of what clothing will fit what doll.

For removing tangles from doll hair

No idea where I got this from so sorry to the original owner for not linking back.