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36cm Hong Kong Doll

Height 36cm
Chest 19.5cm
Waist 16.5cm
Hip 20.5cm
Neck to Shoulder 2cm
Neck to Wrist 12.5cm
U/arm to Wrist 7.5cm
Around Arm at Wrist 5.5cm
Around Arm at Shoulder 7cm
Hand Length from Wrist 2.5cm
Around Hand 6.5cm
Waist to Ankle 17.5cm
Inside Leg to Ankle 11cm
Around Thigh top - widest point 12.5cm
Around Calf - widest point 9.5cm
Top of Thigh to Knee 5.5cm
Top of Foot to base of Toes 2.5cm
Around foot 6.5cm
Along Foot base 4cm
Across Foot base 2cm
Around Head 26cm
Centre of Head to just above eyebrows 7cm
Centre of Head to base at back 13cm