Guinea pig crafting

Ugh it’s been such a slow month for crafting here. The blog is fixed (you have no idea how much wood I’m touching), we’ve all had every version of every virus going through town and rather a lot of visitors. Yes we tell people we’re sick and they still want to see us.

Have finally finished the temperature afghan for last year’s Summer. Could not get into it at all for the last few weeks which was very frustrating. I’d sit down determined to finish it then be up and doing something else five minutes later. I think I have fear of finishing projects. Now knitting the last of my hot cross bun crosses and they’re ready to sew and stuff. And sew after stuffing

Have had a half sewn T Shirt in the kitchen for two weeks and bought some wheat and corduroy to make wheat bags for the neighbours which haven’t been started yet. I did wonder how 4yo who lives here kept sewing my cotton into the bobbin as I’d find a huge snarl every time I went to start sewing again. I know that he has no clue how to turn it on and caught him manually turning the wheel a few days ago. ADHD means never leaving anything you’re not meant to touch alone. Ever. No matter what the punishment.

We had a stray dog attack the rabbit and guinea pig cages yesterday wiping most of them out. Today the last of the piggies were moved to a more secure cage and the one lone rabbit is beside them. In their honour today’s crafting website stuff is all about them.

Crocheted piggies
Knitted bunnies

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